NFL Week 14 Fantasy Football Pick ‘Em

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The playoffs are here and it’s the most crucial week yet for Fantasy Football. Kings Court and I struggled a little last week, as he was able to best me 76-69 after Le’Veon Bell went untouched into the end zone. I’m pretty convinced he paid off the Bengals….but in any case, it’s on to Week 14 as we see if he’ll come back to tie me, or if I move to a 3-1 lead in the series. Let’s take a look at playoff fantasy football.


KC- Alex Smith. The Raiders may be on a two-game winning streak, but don’t let that distract you from the fact that they are consistently rolling out one of the worst secondaries ever seen on an NFL field. Even with the Chiefs’ recent struggles, Smith has a strong core of quick, large, and skilled receivers that should consistently rack up yards after catch.

ST- Alex Smith. This week in fantasy is going to be especially tough on everyone. The playoff contenders are going up against some difficult defensive matchups, and there is going to be slim pickings for points across the board. I don’t like how Smith’s team has played as of late, but after being the #1 QB in fantasy last week, I think he can put up a respectable performance against a poor Oakland secondary.

Running Backs

KC- Todd Gurley. It’s always been a risk picking against the deadly the Eagles’ defense, but Todd Gurley could be the sole producer of the offense for the Rams. With a young, inexperienced Jared Goff at quarterback, he could be shaken up quite easily with a couple of sacks and picks. If/when that occurs, Gurley will continue his 7-week streak of 10+ point games in non-PPR leagues.

KC- Kenyan Drake. I was surprised (as you might have been) when I saw that the Patriots were giving up over five yards per carry this season. Look for Kenyan Drake, who has broken out since the Jay Ajayi trade to the Eagles, to break out once again against this apparently poor Patriots defense.

ST- Melvin Gordon. He’s in a bit of a slump, but that also means he’s overdue for a big game. He’s got a great chance against a defense full of injuries in the Redskins. I’m looking for Gordon to come out of nowhere and break for a few deep runs and give the Chargers confidence to mix up their play calling a bit. Touchdown or not, he should be a double-digit lock.

ST- LeSean McCoy. I was soooo close to picking Lamar Miller because he can consistently net about 10 or 11 every game, and he’s got a really good matchup against the 49ers. However, since I’m also picking DeAndre Hopkins, I’ll stay away from Houston here. McCoy is a solid pick who has a lower floor than Miller, but a much higher ceiling. He is the cornerstone of the Bills offense, so assuming that the Colts don’t gang up on him, he should have a nice outing.

Wide Receiver

KC- Tyreek Hill.  I’ve tried the Alex Smith-Tyreek Hill combo a couple of times this year, and it hasn’t been too successful yet. I have a good feeling about this week, however. Hill and Kelce should run all over the Raiders weakened secondary.

KC- Josh Gordon.  This may not make a whole lot of football sense, but you can’t read Josh Gordon at all. In only his second game back from suspension, Gordon could already be back to his old self. After looking promising in his first game back, the only way we’ll be able to tell is to watch him catch bombs all day long.

ST- DeAndre Hopkins. Truth be told, I’m not a fan of this guy. I burned a good draft pick on him last year, and I haven’t forgiven him for how bad his season was. Now, he’s the #2 receiver in fantasy and going against one of the worst defenses in the NFL. I’m definitely worried about who’s throwing him the ball, but his floor is too high to bench.

ST- A.J. Green. Green came in clutch for me last week with nearly 3 long touchdowns, but one got called back for a questionable holding call. Nonetheless, he scored 19 against an average Pittsburgh defense, so he should be equally explosive against the Bears. I don’t know if he’ll catch 3 home runs again, but he’s Andy Dalton’s favorite target in a must-win game for Cinci.


KC- Keenan Allen.  Once again, this pick may not be the best overall for matchups and football knowledge, but Keenan Allen has been most likely the best football player in the league over the past few weeks, and it definitely helps that he’s actually on my fantasy team and will be a huge piece leading to a hopeful championship spot. It may seem biased, but I need the points anyway.

ST- Travis Kelce. I could not be higher on this man. With the tight end position becoming scarce, Kelce is a master of his craft. He has undeniable chemistry with Alex Smith, and he is a reliably, healthy start week in and week out. As long as Tyreek Hill and Kareem Hunt struggle to put up points, Kelce should get a lot of looks his way.

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